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Slow Thyroid? Could be caused by HORMONE IMBALANCE…

Do you have a Sluggish Thyroid? Restore Youthful Hormone Balance and Thyroid Function. Easy steps and solutions.

After hearing from so many wonderful readers, I have to say that the majority of people seem to struggle with metabolism decrease caused by weak thyroid functions. Facing a thyroid problem puts people at risk for obesity and overall decrease in health. Most importantly, it can create an uphill battle for unsuccessful weight loss. It is important to address this factor when considering treatment options. If you feel that you may have a slow thyroid, even if lab tests show as normal, you could have a thyroid or hormonal balance that is throwing your body out of balance. Until this is corrected, weight loss is hard to achieve. So we must first start with the basics to get our body fine tuned for success following some of these steps.

Most overweight human beings have suffered the agonies of calorie deprivation (dieting), but have failed to achieve any kind of sustained fat reduction. While eating less addresses some of the underlying causes of weight gain, the high failure rate of dieting is partially attributable to the severe alteration in hormone levels that occurs as part of normal aging.

A substantial percentage of aging women (and many aging men) have less-than-optimal thyroid levels, thus predisposing them to weight gain. Thyroid hormone is needed to maintain healthy metabolic rates. Those who are deficient in thyroid hormone should be prescribed thyroid medication to maintain or improve their overall health, as well as to provide this hormone involved in the regulation of body composition. Drugs to consider  are Armour® natural thyroid complex (containing both T4 and T3) or Cytomel® (containing T3).  These are all natural products that will aid in increasing the thyroid function.Trying to lose weight in the face of thyroid hormone deficit can be particularly challenging and sometimes inpossible without little bit of help. It is important that you make sure that you use a source for natural products that is reputable. Many companies can make false claims that T4 or T3 is contained in a product, when in fact it is not. For more information of obtaining a list of reputable manufactures of Armour Thyroid Complex or Cytomel email beckylgould@gmail.com.

A common problem women experience before, during, and after menopause is an increase in belly fat mass. Estrogen levels plummet during the “change of life” process with  menopause and some studies correlate this estrogen deficiency with greater abdominal adiposity in women. While excess levels of horse urine-derived estrogen drugs may cause weight gain, evidence suggests that individually dosed natural estrogen replacement facilitates a reduction in abdominal fat in women who are estrogen deficient. Restoring hormone balance in aging females requires the intervention of a health care practitioner with specialized expertise in prescribing bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.Men are more fortunate in that almost any doctor can prescribe the proper dose of testosterone (and aromatase-inhibiting drugs, if needed).

It is suggested that every woman or man that suspects a sluggish thyroid problem seek to get a female or male total panel blood test. The test will indicate if you are unbalanced with any hormones. Seeking a professional to advise you on natural alternatives with bioidentical hormones is a safe way to increase function and restore balance and improving quality of life. Using bioidentical hormones may also decrease belly fat.

If you would like additional information on bioidentical hormone replacement products or would like a contact for thyroid blood test, please contact me at beckylgould@gmail. com

For more information of obtaining a list of reputable manufactures of natural Thyroid products email beckylgould@gmail.com.

Raspberry Ketone…My TEST on how far laboratories will go to make a sale!

Raspberry Ketone…My TEST on how far laboratories will go to make a sale!

I have been struggling with these questions for a while now. “How safe are our vitamin supplements and pharmaceuticals in the USA? How do we know the correct dosages and formulas are correct? How do we know if a product is a “white label” or a placebo?

Ever since the 60 minutes program that featured fraudulent laboratories that were caught making products that are of bad-quality and toxic, I have been on a quest to find out more information about this. This greatly disturbs me to think that I may be consuming placebo, low quality, or even toxic products with my pharmaceutical and my vitamin supplements.

So I ended up doing a little “TEST” on laboratories here in the USA. I am writing to tell you this shocking news, and to make sure that we are all wise enough to do our own research as to what we are purchasing so we don’t continue to give our money away to vitamin companies that are not living in compliance with ethical practices. Some companies are even committing fraud by supplying products that are not remotely what they say they are. My test results are frightening…

When the Dr. Show premiered and showed the “raspberry ketone” product for the first time, I was an intrigued viewer to say the least! The product was featured as such that I really thought that this was the best breakthrough on the planet! I would do whatever I could to get some of this featured “Raspberry Ketone” if my life depended on it. After all, as stated on the Dr. Oz show this product proved to offer extremely good results with weight loss on mice due to product thermo genic properties and it was stated as “making your body believe and act like it was a THIN person”. I felt this was the dream product I needed to jump start my body and get back into shape! Finally, once and for all, I could train my body to “think thin” and get back that younger version of myself that I dreamed about.

So I scoured the internet to find Raspberry Ketone. I searched every type of bottle, dosage, and brand name. When I went to purchase the Raspberry Ketone, many websites informed me that the product was out of stock and back-ordered and not available due to popular demand after being featured on the Dr. Oz show.

Determined to fine Raspberry Ketone,  I jumped in my car and raced out to the local health food stores in my area to find the product. I also had my list of “white kidney bean” and a few other products mentioned on Dr. Oz. When heading into the first store, I noticed 2 other woman there ahead of me asking the clerk, “Do you carry Raspberry Ketone?” The response was, “ no, we have never carried that product, but we just ordered it”. I got into my car and proceeded to the GMC where one of the same ladies was there, too! It was so funny we both laughed. The clerk told us that he had just ordered the product and it would be in in 2-4 weeks. After that, I gave up and just called the 3rd health food store from my car. They, too, said that they did not have the product, they had just put in an order for it, and that I could be placed on a waiting list as “first come first serve” basis when it came in.

I was desperate for Raspberry Ketone, the miracle solution to my weight loss problem due to slowed metabolism! So again I searched online and found that someone had it on Amazon for $49 in the powder form and another in the capsule form for $43. I ordered both and paid the additional 2-3 day shipping. In the mean time I was wondering how I was going to support my daily intake of Raspberry Ketone if everyone bought up the supply? I also wondered, “did I get ripped off and what if the product was not really REAL?”

Now I was on a mission and so I decided to research and go to directly to the source that makes Raspberry Ketone, the manufacturer. That is when I realized that manufactures won’t sell to the “Becky G’s” of the world and that they only sell to Laboratories or Suppliers. So my next step involved researching laboratories that would sell Raspberry Ketone to me. Low and behold, I found 2 different laboratories that told me that they could make the product for me, sell me a minimum order of 2500 pcs, bottle and label for me at approximately $3-$5 each. They tried to pressure sell me, stating that they were extremely low on the raw product so I should reserve with a deposit today. I was extremely excited thinking that this supply could probably last me and my friends at least a year. So after checking my credit card balance to make sure I had the capital to pay for my stash, I decided to proceed with the sale. Upon placing my order, I had a few unanswered questions. When I asked the gentleman at the lab “how they would make the Raspberry Ketone” he suggested that they had a special formula that they could use and that they were a trustworthy company because they had been in business for over 10 years. He then asked me what name I wanted on my bottle and I told him that the purchase was just for myself and friends so I didn’t need a personalized label that was included in the order. He did not check my credit, did not get my business license, nor did he even ask for my credentials. He was going to sell this to BECKY G, knowing that Becky G had no knowledge of the vitamin industry, nor any knowledge of Raspberry Ketone whatsoever! He was even going to put on any label for Becky G! So, thereafter, I got my senses back and did not proceed with the sale.

Later that day, after contacting my father, who is a chemist, he advised me that I needed to take as step back before ordering something that had not even been tested or GMP certified. He told me ( he used to work for a large chemical company) that it was not ethical of a company to provide sales to just anyone without credentials and certainly not appropriate to offer any type of guarantee that the products they would made would contain legitimate Raspberry Ketone properties.

The moral of this story is, that “any JOE” can buy Raspberry Ketone and put his own label on the product as “Joes Raspberry Ketone”. Joes Raspberry Ketone may not have been tested, and may not even be anything more than filler. Worse, Joes Raspberry Ketone may have toxic products in it that even Joe himself is not aware of and he is selling it at top price to you and Becky G! I was astonished to think that it would be so easy to have my own line of vitamin products in one simple phone call. My own product, “Becky G’s Raspberry Ketone” could have been sold on Amazon to you and neither you nor I might not even question what was in the final product.

Desperate people like me do desperate things when it comes to areas where we feel pain, such as with weight gain. Like me, before I got my head screwed on straight, I was willing to purchase 2500 capsules of Raspberry Ketone to make sure I had my years supply!

Ok, now I am back to reality….and wanted to share this humbling experience with you so that you realize how easy it is for anyone to make and resell a “generic vitamin supplement” and that there were a gazillion “Joes” that went out to make their Raspberry Ketone, choosing to prey on vulnerable people Becky G that want Raspberry Ketones badly.

After this eye opening experience, I again hit the internet to find a reputable company to purchase health products from. My goal was to research and seek out the top, most reputable sources for health supplements. I was not seeking the best bargain, because I learned that those are probably products similar “Joes Toxic Raspberry Ketone” and Joe is making a fortune selling the product since he only paid $3 per bottle and is selling them for $19 while laughing all the way to the bank.

So, after intense study, I chose my vitamin company and I am paying a premium for it. However, this company is top notch; professional, non-profit, GMP certified products, AND does not just sell to make a buck! They care more about people and the quality of their products then they do about money. Every single one of their products are scrutinized and diligently tested prior to putting them on the shelf.

So, I had to ask myself this question? Do I value myself enough to listen to intuition, seek out the truth, and to put my money where my mouth is? This was a hard one, because I am a penny pincher, but my answer is “yes”.

I challenge you to ban buying of cheap white label “Joes Toxic Raspberry Ketone” companies and encourage you to support legal, legitimate, and ethical companies for both Vitamin supplements and Pharmaceuticals. Let’s put the “Joes” out of business!

FYI, the Raspberry Ketone that is offered for sale by the company that I endorse has the real deal! I am not able to mention their name on this website, so if you would like their name, I will be happy to provide you that.

Or if you have any questions regarding this article please contact me at: beckylgould@gmail.com

CLA for BELLY FAT as seen on Dr. Oz? Facts show it’s TRUE!

CLA for BELLY FAT as seen on Dr. Oz- Facts show it is TRUE!

When watching the Dr. Oz show on the subject of “eating right for your body shape” I just had to chuckle. Could this really be true, that if I eat certain foods and take certain supplements that I could reduce my “belly fat”? Well, the news is shocking to me. AND, yes, I have purchased my CLA and am eating my wheat toast, egg, drizzle of olive oil, avocado & tomatoe topped breakfast with it to prove to myself that this is a winner.  So, if you have belly fat, eat this formula for 5 days and then take CLA  ongoing and you will reduce your belly….I am in it to WIN IT…read on!


While no supplement specifically reduces belly fat, as you cannot spot reduce, Conjugated linoleic acids, or CLA, has been scientifically proven to help you lose body fat in general. When accompanied by a balanced diet and well-rounded exercise program, CLA not only helps you lose fat, it helps you maintain lean muscle mass while dieting. Consult a health care professional before using any dietary supplement or if you would like to speak to a personal physician you can email me at beckylgould@gmail.com for an evaluation based on your personal health history.


CLA is a group of fatty acids, all with very similar characteristics. These fats are found primarily in meat and dairy products, with red meats being a good source of CLA. Red meat is an even better source of CLA if it is grass-fed rather than grain fed. According to a 2000 study published in “Livestock Production Science,” grass-fed beef can have 300 to 500 percent of the CLA of grain-fed beef. Even though CLA is a trans fatty acid, it has a lower melting point than many other fats, which makes it easier to metabolize for energy.


CLA contributes to fat loss, but you would need to eat a lot of red meat to get enough CLA to accomplish any noticeable result plus this would probably not be a good idea anyway.  CLA is commonly supplemented in capsule form, and dosages range from 300 to 1,200 mg per capsule. CLA is approved for use and is included on the Generally Recognized as Safe, or GRAS, list.


CLA is an effective fat-loss agent. In a 2000 study published in the “Journal of Nutrition,” CLA was shown to reduce body fat in all study participants who used the supplement. In a review of 18 studies published in the “The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition,” CLA was shown to be effective at reducing fat mass in all participants in every study. The effective average dose of CLA was 3.2 g per day. For a personal consultation to find out the best dosage based on your medical history, speak with a licensed physician at no charge by contacting the author at: beckylgould@gmail.com

Other Benefits of CLA

In addition to fat loss, CLA can function as both an anti-carcinogenic and an anti-inflammatory agent. In a 2005 study published in the “Journal of Physiology and Biochemistry,” CLA was shown to reduce the inflammation that results from illness and arthritis. In a 2002 study published in the “Journal of Nutrition,” CLA supplementation was shown to slow the growth of cancerous tumors.


In conclusion there is really no reason not to take CLA if you are trying to lose fat, especially around the mid areas of the torso. Not only will it help you with fat loss, but it will help to reduce the risks of cancer and other inflammatory illnesses. Not all vitamin supplements on the market today are considered equal so it is recommended that you use a reputable high quality resource.

For more information on reputable resources for CLA products contact the author at



Raspberry Ketone. HOPE or HYPE in a Bottle. Real Live Results.

Raspberry Ketone- Will this really help our bodies to  “think  it’s  THIN,” therefore, releasing fat cells and freeing our bodies from fat, forever?

If you have been following my blog about Dr. Oz featured products, there is quite a bit of buzz going around on Raspberry Ketones. What is the “BUZZ” all about? In this brief blog, I will share with you some stories about real live people and what they are experiencing using Raspberry Ketone, PLUS, I will share some of the facts about the product that you may or may  not realize. HINT: We all need to be very careful when we subscribe to “hope in a bottle;” so this is your reminder to keep your head on about you and  your emotions in tact before ordering a years supply of Raspberry Ketone. Now, read on with optimism….

Red Rasberry extract, no doubt, has proven to “act like a hormone” and has proven effective in decreasing fat cells in mice. What appeared to happen in case studies was theorized as fat cells acting out like  ”a liquid nitrogen” (example only)  to create a cause and effect which resulted in some fat cells releasing themselves, shriveling up, and evaporating……Sound too good to be true? Usually things that sound too good to be true “usually ARE too good to be true”.  But, don’t get discouraged just yet because there is some good news to come…

Now, don’t be confused. Red Raspberry Ketone, DOES promote promising results based on the study, but the formula has not been confirmed on humans as of yet. Therefore; “YES” you may go ahead and get excited, but “NO” don’t go overboard and purchase stock in raspberry ketone before you set some preliminary trials up for yourself.

As seen on the Dr. Oz show, the ladies that were featured with ”before and after pictures” had significant weight loss ( Lynn and Leslie). They both were quoted as “having had great results on the Raspberry Ketone and would not live without it.” When I investigated this in more detail, the ladies may not want to live without raspberry ketones, but most definately the product was not their only source that they used to achieve their weight loss goals. These women were coached by a personal trainer, prescribed a reduced calorie diet, and were committed to changing their bodies once and for all. They also were taking several suppliments, including raspberry ketone, to optimize results and thermogenics to increase their metabolism.

Let’s not lose hope, though. Let’s just be truthful with ourselves, knowing that nothing is a “MAGIC cure for weight loss.”  yet.  However, the results do prove positively that with a  commitment to a regimite of daily excersise, with a caloric restrictioned diet, and by taking the raspberry ketones, it’s fair to think that we might just come out a winner!!! Was the success due to primarily Raspberry Ketone? Truth is that the success was due to a combination of efforts; diet, excercise,thermogenic aids such as Raspbery Ketone, and consistancy.  So are you IN?

I have been on the front line of blog emails from viewers all over the world after Dr. Oz programed his show.  I am  fortunate to hear back from people from all walks of life that are taking Raspberry Ketone products. There are a important few issues that need to be out in the open for consumer awareness. First and foremost, after the Dr. Oz show you better believe that every single vitamin company in America was searching for raspberry ketone product to sell to the Dr. Oz show viewers.  Manufacturers were scrambling, labs were swamped and retailer shelves were empty. Demand was up and stocks were out.  Therefore, many unfortunate innocent people probably purchased product that was less then optimal, out-dated, or even a placebo. Let’s face it, there are people and companies out there that prey on the big news releases and will take advange of people that are desparate. Some will go to any length to use this to their advantage.  Unfortunately, it is apparent that  many placebos were sold and now consumers don’t know if their bottle was one of those. However, there are many people that were lucky to  received good, quality products and get the chance to give raspberry ketone a try.

Here are a few stories about experiences with raspberry ketones after reviewing the thousands of emails that came in:

In one email, Katie B said that the raspbery ketone had made her heart race and she had to discontinue taking it.  In another email, Catherine R said that the product made her sweat and burp, but she felt energized!  One positive experience was that a woman, Lisa A, had more energy  then she had had in years and she had decreased a pant size in less then 2 weeks.  A recent email stated that Joe M, had lost 6 pound in 6 days!  Another positive experience from a blogger, Angela J, was that she had gained more hope then she had had in years due to a devestating thyroid illness. This was more important to her then the weight loss and hope alone lifted her spirits from a dark depression, thus resulting in peace of mind and a slightly lower scale number.

The emails go on and on, and it really seems like raspberry ketone reports are not decisive and the vote is not really completely in yet. The product  may react differently on body chemistries. The good news is, that raspberry ketone  is truely a bit of “hope in a bottle” because based on just hope alone, many people are experiencing that their depression has been lifted and they feel more optomistic. Overall, there has been a general good feeling, experiences with weight loss reported, and an increase in energy in a majority of users.

How many people bought a placebo or sub-par product? We will never know. However, I recently found out that there are only 7 manufacturers of raw raspberry ketone product, so if you can do a bit of research on the product you are considering purchasing, then this is a good place to start.

For me personally…….I got a rash :O(  BUMMER…I guess this wasn’t too surprising, since I was allergic to berries when I was a child (did I mention I do not have comment sense?).

For the rest of you, I wish you luck that Raspberry Ketone works for you and that you reach your overall wellness goals,  weight loss, and high hopes for a skinnier future!

For information on the manufacturers that process raw raspberry ketone, email me personally at beckylgould@gmail.com

7-Keto…Our New “HERO” as a Weight Loss Metabolism Booster!

7-Keto…Does it really WORK???

The Primary Thermogenic Hormone

For more information about this article or if you would like information regarding a list of reputable manufacturers of this product contact beckylgould@gmail.com

7-Keto produces fat loss through the process of thermogenesis. This term refers to the creation of heat, which is one of the forms of energy produced when the body’s cells metabolize the food we eat. Greater amounts of thermogenesis boost the body’s metabolic rate which increases the conversion of stored fat into energy.

7-Keto enhances the activity of three thermogenic enzymes that stimulate fatty acid oxidation in the liver. These thermogenic-en-hancing enzymes are fatty acyl CoA oxidase, malic enzyme, and glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase.6,10-12 These enzymes drive the liver cells to burn fatty acids for energy, which causes a lowering of triglycerides in the liver.

Supplementation with 7-Keto has a dramatic effect on boosting levels of these thermogenic-enhancing enzymes. Studies found that fatty acyl CoA oxidase increased by 128%, while malic enzyme jumped 860%. The concentration of glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase increased by 138% as well.6,10-12

A study published in Current Therapeutic Research revealed just how effective 7-Keto is in inducing fat loss.13 In this randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study, 30 overweight adults (28 women and 2 men) were divided into two groups. Group 1 received 100 mg of 7-Keto twice daily for eight weeks, while group 2 took a matching pla-cebo capsule. All subjects participated in an exercise program three times a week that consisted of 30 minutes of aerobic and non-aerobic cross training under the supervision of an exercise physiologist. In addition, each subject was instructed by a registered dietitian to follow an 1800-calorie-a-day diet. The subjects underwent testing for blood chemistry, body composition, blood pressure, and dietary analysis at baseline and at weeks four and eight.

The researchers found that the 7-Keto group lost a significant amount of body weight compared to the placebo group—8.3 versus 2.1 pounds. The 7-Keto group also lost a greater percentage of body fat compared to the placebo group—1.8% versus 0.57%. Compared to the placebo group, the 7-Keto group saw a significant increase in thyroid hormone activity that targets fat- burning genes in the mitochondria and adipose tissue. No adverse effects were reported. The results show that 7-Keto can significantly and safely reduce body weight and body fat when combined with exercise and a reduced-calorie diet. This is due to the greatly increased levels of fat-burning enzymes in the liver as well as the elevation of thyroid hormone. These beneficial changes are known to boost basal metabolic rate, making it easier to shed excess pounds. Supplementation with 7-Keto can therefore help reverse the decline in metabolic rate that makes it so easy to put on weight as we age. Unlike caffeine and ephedrine, 7-Keto does not have a central nervous system stimulating effect caused by nor-adrenalin release, nor does 7-Keto increase heart rate or blood pressure.

The products that were used in this study were high quality 7-keto from a reputable vitamin company that has “pre-tested” the product for dosage regulations. Given that not all vitamin companies test their products, we suggest that you use products from companies that offer the highest quality standards in the industry and manufacture their products in the USA under regulation standards.

If you would like a list of reputable 7-Keto companies and their manufacturers, you many contact me at beckylgould@gmail.com

Raspberry Ketone- REAL or Placebo?

RASBERRY KETONE- How do I  know if I am buying the “Real Product”?

After I wrote the blog on “Raspberry Ketone…The TRUTH about them”, I have had an alarming response! I wanted to keep everybody updated on what is going on with regards to the purchase of the “real product” and the findings of who is manufacturing this and where we can get it.

I want to first clarify a bit of information and in doing so have used basic description of the process so that you can easily understand…

The RASPBERRY KETONE process starts at the general chemical processing plant. Some US based chemical plants or suppliers are DNP International, Berje, Martiz Mayer, and Penta International, however, a majority of the chemical processing plants are in China or India (www.alibaba.com). Chemical manufacturing plants extract from the raspberry to get the raw product. Then they and sell to a clinical laboratory where they process the Raspberry Ketone into an end product for a buyer or retailer. Buyers or retailers specify their own “recipe” for the ingredients for their desired final product. Some labs already have turn-key “recipes” or formulas, but Raspberry Ketone is a less common one, until now. The laboratory will also bottle and label the product for the reseller with the desired “brand name” label for marketing.  Raspberry Ketone is usually used for perfumes scents or for flavoring foods. It was not until recently that the labs had a demand for powder or capsule for health supplemental purposes.

So after realizing that the manufacturing plants were not the source we needed to purchase Raspberry Ketone from, we again investigated to try to find laboratories that might have the turn key product to sell to the public. One such company, Palmer, has agreed to produce the Raspberry Ketone for a diet supplement. To do this it will cost approximately $3000-$5000 for the initial 1000 bottles of Raspberry Ketone. Although the price is good at a rate of $3-$5 each, this comes with the risk to the reseller of being liable for any health issues or lawsuits that may come about with the selling of this new product. Liability is on the retailer so risk is high.

Conclusion for purchasing of the Raspberry Ketone? We suggest that you find out who the reseller uses as a laboratory. Then investigate the laboratory to see if there are any lawsuits or complaints(yelp, BBB, etc…). If not, and if the laboratory seems legitimate with good reviews,  then proceed with the sale. Make sure you check the labels of the product that you buy and remember that if it looks too good to be true then “it probably is”! For more information on reputable company or to find out who manufactures real raspberry ketone product, contact beckylgould@gmail.com

Most importantly, keep us informed as to your progress on the weight loss program and report any successes, side effects, or reactions. Keep us all informed so that we can make and educated decision on our purchase of the product and the risks associated with this decision to try the product for weight loss. More importantly, if you suspect a “scam” false reseller, don’t hesitate to report them here or on YELP or BBB.

Good luck in your weight loss efforts…I am as hopeful as you are that this product helps all of us to achieve our ultimate weight goal!

Stay tuned to this blog as I update on everyone’s successes or new information on RASPBERRY KEYTONE diets!!!

Please place your comments on my blog at


or email me your comments and I will post: beckylgould@gmail.com

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Adderall Deadly Diet…Facing our Obsession with Weight Loss

Adderall…Is there a similar “natural” weight loss product without the risks???

For more information about alternatives to Adderall: beckylgould@gmail.com

After watching the Dr. Oz show I found myself compelled to race to my computer to type in “where to get a Adderall” in my search engine. You would think that I ( 50 year old woman) would be wise enough to know that I should never do something as crazy as start a prescription drug to overcome a body image issue.

But the battle of the bulge and my loathing internal voice was getting the best of me while watching the “Adderall” show on Dr. Oz. I talked myself into thinking that I would just use Adderall  as a “jumpstart”  metabolism booster for 1 month. I was talking like an addict in denial already!  I was so intrigued by the idea of Adderall that I even called  my 25 year old daughter in Hollywood to ask her, “Do you know any doctors that can get me a prescription? Later, I felt entirely ashamed!  What kind of role model  am I for my daughter? Thank GOODNESS” that the drug IS prescription, because there is no doubt in my mind that I would have purchased it, warnings and all, if it had been readily available in my state of weakness. I was reacting as if, this weight loss, was more important  then my life. I was giving THIN, the power.

It is amazing what a vulnerable mind will do when faced with a struggles such as body image. I feel compelled to speak the truth to all of you about these obsessions. It is about being honest with ourselves about our fears and  sadness as we struggle with this constant search to be thin. It is tragic that we would even risk our lives just to have that amazing “sexy feeling” of being thin, at almost any cost. I have to say, honestly, that there is a part of me that is “dying to be thin” and would go out on just about any limb to do so. There really MUST be a better way…

So after searching like an lunatic on everything imaginable on Adderall, I began to research other products that might be more holistic and offer similar results such as Adderall, but not be risky. I searched high and low on energy boosters, and weight loss suppliments. The only product that I came up with was a product that was a combination of Yerba Mate, Guarana, Disethylamylamine (huh?, Huperzia Serrata,Cloline,and Ginko Biloba.  The manufacture claims that the product  gives the same energy boost as Adderall. It also claims to increase concentration levels. The bummer is that the product is still in the test phase with regards to weight loss. I spoke directly with the owner, though, and he has preliminary results that look very promising. Perhaps I will just try it myself and report back in to you all with “hopefully, my new weight loss miracle pill”!

So, I guess my reason for writing this is to say to everyone out there, “It’s ok to FEEL crazy about this fight to be thin, but let’s not allow it overcome us so much that we do something totally stupid! Lets face our fears and our weaknesses with understanding and compassion. Lets make a pact to be kind to ourselves and our bodies. Let’s talk about our vulnerabilities and weaknesses openly, with judgement or guilt. And lets seek to find better ways to accomplish our goals together, not alone.

If you would like receive more information on the product that is mentioned this blog or on additional holisic products that I found in my search for “Adderall” like products, please contact me at beckylgould@gmail.com

Thank you, I feel like I have new friends and we are sticking together through this. I guess I will go back to my Raspberry Ketone, 7-Keto, and White Kidney bean for now, then throw in a sprinkle of Saffron when it comes in… Hopefullly, I will get where I want to be for once and for all!

For more information about adderall and healthy alternatives


Konjak, the “MIRACLE ROOT”? 5.5 LB Weight Loss in 14 Days?

Is Konjak Root the “root of weight loss? Fact or Fiction?

After reading a bit about this famous “root” product, it caught my attention. Perhaps the Kojak root might actually help to eliminate those cravings that I get. I have always thought that if I didn’t have those occasional binges from sudden ravenous hunger attacks (more or less from starving myself) then I would probably be as skinny as a whip! Wow, what great news that this product not only might curb those hunger attacks, but also bind to the excess carbs to create less absorption. Does this really mean there will be zero weight gain after a binge? Sounds good to me! I think that Konjak Root will go on my “to test list”. I will keep you posted so read on….

Soluble fibers such as Konjac Root offer many health-promoting benefits through their ability to form a soft gel with water. Research indicates that soluble fibers help lower blood cholesterol, slow glucose absorption, lowers the glycemic index and promote regular bowel movements. While found in many sources such as fruits, vegetables, oats, and beans, the most-promising soluble fiber may come from Konjack root. Derived from Konjac root, it has an extraordinary water-holding capacity and is the most viscous of all known dietary fibers with many added benefits. It is important to know that not all fibers are created equal. Some “so called” similar products do not offer the full effects that we have proven with the Konjac root. Other fibers do not promote weight loss the way that the real fiber does.

Konjak root offers benefits for those seeking to lose weight. Studies show that supplementing with Konjak root enhances the weight-loss effects of a calorie-restricted diet. Konjak may promote weight loss in obese adults, even in the absence of a calorie-restricted diet. When obese adults consumed 1 gram of Konjac fiber one hour before each meal for 14 days, they lost an average of 5.5 pounds of body weight—with no other changes to their eating or exercise patterns.( If you would like a list of reputable manufacturers contact beckylgould@gmail.com)

Konjak root creates a feeling of satiety or fullness through its water-binding effects. By creating a thick gel, it delays gastric emptying and slows the release of sugar into the bloodstream, which helps to lower levels of insulin and blood glucose. Additionally, Konjac root improves blood-lipid profiles and can lower systolic blood pressure. Because of these effects, it can greatly benefit individuals with low metabolic rates or diabetes.

The Importance of Supplementing using Konjac Root

The average American currently consumes only 12-17 grams of fiber a day from dietary sources, far below the 20-35 grams recommended by the American Dietetic Association and the 30 grams or more suggested by both the American Heart Association and the National Cancer Institute.

Since many people do not want to change or cannot change their diets, supplements and natural fiber products can help them benefit from fiber’s many beneficial effects. Supplemental fiber products can provide optimal combinations and amounts of fiber, as well as complementary nutrients such as calcium. Incorporating increased fiber intake into a daily plan for healthy living can help you lower your risk of heart attack and cancer, as well as prevent or manage such common conditions as hypertension and diabetes mellitus. Moreover, fiber is a valuable tool in achieving optimal weight.

Medical professionals recommend adding fiber to the diet gradually until the body adjusts. Moreover, because soluble fibers form a gel with water, it is important to drink plenty of water with fiber supplements. Abundant water intake will help to optimize fiber’s actions in the body and prevent side effects.

Konjac Root is available in capsule or tablet. It also comes in a powder form. Asian women have claimed for years that it helps them maintain a desired weight, and more and more Americans are determined to find out if it’s true. By the appearance of Asian woman, it certainly holds merit. Now American women are seeking out beauty secrets kept by Asians for decades. The secrets out!

Konjac root fiber helps reduces blood fats, encourages weight loss, helps to keep blood sugar levels normal, and relieves constipation. When ingested, it takes on a jelly-like consistency and expands to make the stomach feel full. People are therefore satiated more quickly and are less likely to overeat, according to results of trials in which obese patients were put on calorie-restricted diets and given Konjak root. In addition, like most food fiber, Konjak root acts as a bulking agent in the colon, which stimulates peristalsis (the muscular movement that causes bowel evacuation).

Konjac root helped to keep glucose at optimal levels in baboon blood, suggesting that it may help control glucose levels in diabetics. A recent study indicates that this is likely to be true: When used along with conventional treatment, Konjac root fiber not only helped normalize and maintain blood sugar levels in patients with type 2 diabetes, it also lowered both cholesterol and systolic blood pressure.

Like many soluble fibers, Konjak root can bind with a variety of substances in the digestive tract to slow digestion, relieve constipation and significantly reduce the absorption of fat and carbohydrates. Because it can absorb a great deal of water and promote a feeling of fullness, Konjak root is frequently recommended as a safe supplement intended to promote weight loss.

Glucomannan Safety and Side Effects

Unlike other soluble fibers, Konjak root  has the potential to bind with and reduce the absorption of certain nutrients – so a daily multivitamin supplement may be advisable for individuals consuming high doses of Konjac root fiber on a regular basis. Always check with your physician prior to taking this.

Also, it is important to make sure that the manufacturer of the product has done proper testing. Do not buy a product that has been made by an after market laboratory. It is always best to seek out a reputable supplier that has a past track record with good certified products.

If you would like a list of reputable manufactures email: beckylgould@gmail.com

Is Forskolin really the NEW FAT BURNER? Fact or Fiction?

After listening to the Dr. Oz show this past week, I was intrigued by this new recommendation of Forskolin for use as a fat burner. As we age, we need every fighting chance for reduction in fat and increase in metabolism. After significant research, I have most of the facts AND the most important one including that all Forskolin products are not consdered equal. However, the good news is in and I am excited to try Forskolin!  Happy reading….:O)

If you have any questions with regards to this article or to where to find a reputable manufacture, contact me at beckylgould@gmail.com

What is forskolin?
 Forskolin (7 beta-acetoxy-8, 13-epoxy-1 alpha,6 beta,9 alpha-trihydroxy-labd-14-ene-11-one) is the main active ingredient in the Ayurvedic herb Coleus forskohlii. Coleus is a member of the mint family and grows in subtropical areas in India, Burma, and Thialand. Forskolin has been extensively researched. It has also recently gained popularity as a fat loss agent.
What application does forskolin have?
 Forskolin, along with a few select others, is the standard substance used in scientific studies when a lipolytic (fat burning) agent is needed. Unfortunately, not very many clinical studies have been done on the use of forskolin as a weight loss aid, however, one  study on six individuals with 50 mg per day found significant fat loss, but these results are only suggestive at best,  since this study was funded by a company that has a patented forskolin product. Another controlled study produced positive weight loss with similar results and that study did not have a alternative motive. So this news is positive!
How does forskolin work?
Forskolin works by activating the enzyme adenylate cyclase. Lipolytic hormones such as epinephrine (adrenalin) activate adenylate cyclase as well, but forskolin does not have the same CNS effects, so Forskolin works by essentially bypasses the step that is associated with the unwanted side effects (nervousness, restlessness) we find with other fat loss agents that function by increasing lipolytic hormone levels. When adenylate cyclase is activated it then converts to cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP). This increase in cAMP levels has many effects on the body, but the one that is of most interest for fat loss is the activation of cAMP-dependent protein kinase, which in turn activates hormone-sensitive lipase (HSL), which ultimately breaks down fat and releases it as free fatty acids in the bloodstream. This process is commonly referred to as the “cAMP cascade” or “lipolytic cascade.” On top of all this, there is an added bonus – forskolin also acts as a thyroid stimulant, most likely through a cAMP-mediated process.
What other benefits does forskolin have?
Many studies have shown forskolin, as well as other actives in Coleus forskohlii, support cardiovascular health.

Are there any side effects?

There are no major side effects reported in the literature, but you should consult a doctor before using forskolin if you are being treated for any conditions listed where drug interactions may occur. Large doses of forskolin will also probably make one drowsy, as it is an antihistamine. If this becomes a problem, one can reduce dosage, take it in combination with a stimulant, and/or take it before bed.

What form of forskolin is best?

There is a wide variance among forskolin products, primarily in the amount of forskolin the extracts of C. forskohlii are standardized to. Be careful when a product says it contains 250 mg of forskolin, as that may just be 250 mg of a 2% extract. Most of the high quality extracts are 10-20% forskolin. For more information on where to find a reputable source for real high quality Forskolin extract, you can contact beckylgould@gmail.com.

How should I take forskolin?

The typical dosage of forskolin is 25-60 mg per day divided between 2-3 doses, with 50-60 mg being the ideal range. Take at night since it may make you tired.

What are some good supplements to take along with forskolin?

In studies, it is usually used along with a lipolytic hormone, so it may operate synergistically with a supplement that increases lipolytic hormone levels. It has also been used in conjuction with 7-Keto, Raspberry Ketone, Saffron, and White Kidney Bean extract.

For a list of reputable manufactures or more information on Forskolin:  beckylgould@gmail.com

What is the TRUTH about 7-Keto for WEIGHT LOSS?

The Truth behind the Fat Burner- 7-KETO

Personally I have been trying to lose weight and battling the bulge due to slowed metabolism. Over the years I have tried just about every diet and diet product with no increase in my metabolism.  When I saw the Dr. Oz show promoting the product 7-KETO product it grabbed my attention and made me want to find the truth behind this so called “miracle metabolism booster”.  I am writing this article in hopes that this helps you to understand the science behind 7-KETO and will to allow you to make your own personal decision regarding whether this product is right for you. If you have any questions or would like to know a reputable source for 7-Keto, you can personally email me at beckylgould@gmail.com

7-KETO- What is it?

Technically speaking, 7 Keto is known as 3-acetyl-7-oxo-dehydroepiandrosterone. It is a readily available dietary supplement that may have many benefits for weight loss, anti-aging and immune support. It is a non-hormonal metabolite, also known as a byproduct, of the adrenal hormone DHEA. Some claim that both could be miracle elixirs for anti-aging, but what is the difference between them? Below you will find the answer, as well as the benefits and guidelines for using 7 Keto.

DHEA and 7-KETO? What is the difference?

Dehydroepiandrosterone, or DHEA, is an important hormone produced in the adrenal glands. It has the capability to convert into either testosterone or estrogen as needed by the human body. DHEA levels fall with age in both men and women. Supplementation has been shown to improve immune function, decrease muscle loss and stress, and improve overall well-being. The downside of DHEA is that it can cause side effects due to its conversion into testosterone and estrogen. For women, this could mean masculine traits such as unwanted hair growth and a deeper voice. Men can suffer from the symptoms of too much estrogen; patients with prostate or breast cancer may exacerbate their illness due to excess estrogen, which can cause tumor growth. That’s where 7 Keto comes in. It does not convert to testosterone or estrogen in the body. Since it is a non-hormonal metabolite of DHEA, users can experience some of the benefits with none of the side effects.

Uses of 7-KETO

7 Keto has found many uses in the supplement industry. Most commonly it is used as an ingredient in many fat-burning formulas. It has been shown to elevate T3, a hormone secreted by the thyroid gland. The thyroid is the master gland capable of turning up or down the rate of metabolism, which determines how many calories are burned. Under-active thyroids cause obesity, while overactive ones burn energy too fast to be stored as body fat. Even a very slight increase in thyroid output means a dramatic increase in the rate of metabolism. Since metabolism slowly grinds to a halt as we age, 7 Keto is both a fat-loss supplement and an anti-aging wonder.


Many associate 7 Keto with youthful activity levels and good health. And there is good reason for this. Besides boosting metabolism, 7 Keto has been shown to improve energy, increase immune function and even improve memory in aging individuals. HIV and AIDS patients may benefit from these invigorating effects.


7 Keto is safe for both male and female adults. Since it is non-hormonal, there is no need to worry about side effects. Children should not use 7 Keto because their metabolism is already at youthful levels that are adequate to maintain healthy body weight. Those with thyroid disease or dysfunction should check with their physician before supplementing with 7 Keto.

Dosage and Side Effects

Recommended dosage of 7 Keto is 50 to 100 mg twice a day. There are no known side effects of 7 Keto supplementation. In animal studies, no DNA damage or side effects were reported, even at a relative dosage 70 times bigger than the recommended dosage for human use. However, 7 Keto does not seem to work for everyone, and it can be rather expensive. Diet and exercise should be used along with 7 Keto for optimal weight loss results. The effects of long-term use are unknown, so 7 Keto should be taken at the user’s discretion. It is important to choose a reputable source for purchase of 7-Keto. Since is is expensive to manufacture, there have been random tests done on products that do not contain enough of the product to be effective therefore a waste of time and money. It is important to know who the manufacture is and to be sure that studies were conducted on that product to verify that enough raw 7-Keto is in each capsule to offer results.

If you would like a list of 7 USA based manufacturers that make the raw product for this product you may contact me personally at beckylgould@gmail.com

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