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What is the TRUTH about 7-Keto for WEIGHT LOSS?

The Truth behind the Fat Burner- 7-KETO

Personally I have been trying to lose weight and battling the bulge due to slowed metabolism. Over the years I have tried just about every diet and diet product with no increase in my metabolism.  When I saw the Dr. Oz show promoting the product 7-KETO product it grabbed my attention and made me want to find the truth behind this so called “miracle metabolism booster”.  I am writing this article in hopes that this helps you to understand the science behind 7-KETO and will to allow you to make your own personal decision regarding whether this product is right for you. If you have any questions or would like to know a reputable source for 7-Keto, you can personally email me at beckylgould@gmail.com

7-KETO- What is it?

Technically speaking, 7 Keto is known as 3-acetyl-7-oxo-dehydroepiandrosterone. It is a readily available dietary supplement that may have many benefits for weight loss, anti-aging and immune support. It is a non-hormonal metabolite, also known as a byproduct, of the adrenal hormone DHEA. Some claim that both could be miracle elixirs for anti-aging, but what is the difference between them? Below you will find the answer, as well as the benefits and guidelines for using 7 Keto.

DHEA and 7-KETO? What is the difference?

Dehydroepiandrosterone, or DHEA, is an important hormone produced in the adrenal glands. It has the capability to convert into either testosterone or estrogen as needed by the human body. DHEA levels fall with age in both men and women. Supplementation has been shown to improve immune function, decrease muscle loss and stress, and improve overall well-being. The downside of DHEA is that it can cause side effects due to its conversion into testosterone and estrogen. For women, this could mean masculine traits such as unwanted hair growth and a deeper voice. Men can suffer from the symptoms of too much estrogen; patients with prostate or breast cancer may exacerbate their illness due to excess estrogen, which can cause tumor growth. That’s where 7 Keto comes in. It does not convert to testosterone or estrogen in the body. Since it is a non-hormonal metabolite of DHEA, users can experience some of the benefits with none of the side effects.

Uses of 7-KETO

7 Keto has found many uses in the supplement industry. Most commonly it is used as an ingredient in many fat-burning formulas. It has been shown to elevate T3, a hormone secreted by the thyroid gland. The thyroid is the master gland capable of turning up or down the rate of metabolism, which determines how many calories are burned. Under-active thyroids cause obesity, while overactive ones burn energy too fast to be stored as body fat. Even a very slight increase in thyroid output means a dramatic increase in the rate of metabolism. Since metabolism slowly grinds to a halt as we age, 7 Keto is both a fat-loss supplement and an anti-aging wonder.


Many associate 7 Keto with youthful activity levels and good health. And there is good reason for this. Besides boosting metabolism, 7 Keto has been shown to improve energy, increase immune function and even improve memory in aging individuals. HIV and AIDS patients may benefit from these invigorating effects.


7 Keto is safe for both male and female adults. Since it is non-hormonal, there is no need to worry about side effects. Children should not use 7 Keto because their metabolism is already at youthful levels that are adequate to maintain healthy body weight. Those with thyroid disease or dysfunction should check with their physician before supplementing with 7 Keto.

Dosage and Side Effects

Recommended dosage of 7 Keto is 50 to 100 mg twice a day. There are no known side effects of 7 Keto supplementation. In animal studies, no DNA damage or side effects were reported, even at a relative dosage 70 times bigger than the recommended dosage for human use. However, 7 Keto does not seem to work for everyone, and it can be rather expensive. Diet and exercise should be used along with 7 Keto for optimal weight loss results. The effects of long-term use are unknown, so 7 Keto should be taken at the user’s discretion. It is important to choose a reputable source for purchase of 7-Keto. Since is is expensive to manufacture, there have been random tests done on products that do not contain enough of the product to be effective therefore a waste of time and money. It is important to know who the manufacture is and to be sure that studies were conducted on that product to verify that enough raw 7-Keto is in each capsule to offer results.

If you would like a list of 7 USA based manufacturers that make the raw product for this product you may contact me personally at beckylgould@gmail.com

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7 thoughts on “What is the TRUTH about 7-Keto for WEIGHT LOSS?

  1. Margaret T. Boushehri on said:

    Please let me know the best place to buy 7keto and Saffron for weight loss as described on the
    Dr. Oz show.
    Thank you.

    • Hi,
      I am not sure the exact manufacture that Dr Oz promotes. However, it is important to make sure you are using a reputable
      company for products. For a detailed list of manufacturers and how they are made send an email to me at
      beckylgould@gmail.com and I will send over this information. Thank you-

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